Tofu Engine

~ a 2D game engine w/ an eco-friendly pixel-art retro-soul ~



Tofu Engine is a free and open self-contained game-engine suitable for small-to-mid 2D projects.

It is entirely self-contained, as no additional runtime modules/libraries required (system-wide libraries excluded). Everything is bundled in the engine executable.

It has been developed entirely in C99 (and some Lua scripts) on Linux, aiming to be as portable as possible. This resulted in being multi-platform through cross-compilation (Windows, Linux and Raspberry-Pi systems are supported – macOS isn’t currently on the radar, but a WebAssembly version might appear be in a not so distant future).

The engine is in perpetual work-in-progress state, with new features being added and updates being applied. The core API, however, can be considered stable.


Tofu Engine is an original software, result of the experience gained from ~30 years in programming on a broad range of platforms (some concept even stems back to ancient platforms like the Amiga and the SNES, and arcane languages like AMOS and Blitz BASIC 2). However, it has also been influenced by modern similar/other softwares in one way or another.